This mod is discontinued!

The new pdx 2000 to pdx 3000 modification by Rasteri is the new recommended mod to make.

I will help you with the mainboard modification and added midi input if you need help.
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Vestax PDX-2000 MIDI Mod

The mod is made to understand incoming MIDI signals.
When activated it will overtake the control of the ±50% ultrapitch and change the value corresponding to the note played on a MIDI-keyboard.
The ±10% is still in use and can be used to correct out of tune samples.
The mod can play 25 notes from C2-C4 (midi note 36-60).C3 is 0%.
Holding the 33 and 45 button will switch between the two modes.

Tested on PDX-2000 and PDX-2300.
The mod will not accept pitch bend midi messages but is still compatible with the ButtonBox by Kristian Gjerstad.


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