Technics Ultra-Pitch Lite

The Ultra Pitch Lite mod is an simplified version of the original mod.
It only enables ±50%. Even if its easier to install it lacks many of the features that the original mod has.
No pitchled indicator, MIDI in, selectable pitch range or firmware updates.

Holding the 33 button for 1 sec will switch between ultra pitch and normal ±8. The flowchart explains how to navigate and calibrate the mod.
The mod is currently tested on SL-12xx mk2, mk5 and m3d.

Price for one kit (one turntable) is 85€



The mod-kit includes mod-PCB, wire harness and three capacitors that you need to change. You also need to cut one trace on the Technics main board.
Even if this mod is missing many of the features of the original mod there is a pad on the PCB called "UPT"(Ultra Pitch Trigger) that can be utilized by crafty modders. This pad will be high (3.3V) when ultrapitch is active. You can not drive many leds with this(max 20mA) but it can be used as a trigger for example a series of under platter leds or what ever you might come up with.

Instructions for installing